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Wednesday, 21 November 2012


For this project I wanted to focus on mark making, pattern and print. After doing some research I really liked the idea of focusing on kaleidoscopes as I think they create really interesting patterns and shapes. I also like the way they sometimes look like jewels.
These are some of my designs that I have made by making collages and by using some of my paintings. Ive then turned them into kaleidoscopes using photoshop. Ive also enhanced them to make the colours more vibrant. 
I then put the designs onto fabric and am now embroidering them with beads and sequins to try and add some texture and to bring in the jewel like kaleidoscope feel. 

These are my prints that Ive transferred onto fabric and my research in the background. 

These are a couple of my prints that I am now embroidering with beads and sequins. 

This is some of my research. I wanted to really focus on colour in this project as its something I love and like to try and experiment with. I also wanted to work with paints and the different mark makings you can make using different brushes.
Ive looked a lot at colour, pattern and print and how it can be used for fashion and interiors.

Thursday, 25 October 2012


Today I have come across a website called, its something I have seen quite a few people using on blogs and I've always found it really cool.
 Its such an amazing website that lets you shop your favourite items and make your own collages, kinda like making your own wish lists....amazing!! 
I think this is a really useful way of making outfits and organising your clothes. You can also view other peoples collages to see what their styles are and what they like.
I think I have just found another website I'm slightly addicted to. 




Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Paint & Stitch

These are some paintings I've done today, I mainly worked with inks and used different brush strokes to build up a pattern. 
On some of them I have used bleach as this strips the ink away and leaves an outline which can add a nice effect. 
I then added some machine stitching to give some texture and to continue with the mark making.