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Friday, 2 March 2012

Next Project - Felt.

So we have been given the brief for our next project...which I always find a rather daunting experience as you never know what your going to have to do next. Our new project is based on the theme of felt. We can use as much or as little felt as we like in our work and we can do whatever we like which is quite exciting/scary!We then have to exhibit our work which will be really nice, as people can come and have a look at what we have been up to!
 So this week I have mostly been researching some ideas...I always love this part of the project as you can spend hours browsing the internet, books and magazines...usually I find myself surfing through blog after blog which I love because they are so inspiring. I usually end up with a bit of a headache from all the ideas buzzing around in my brain. So are some pieces of research....

 I really like the thought of making some cute little bunting and my own pompoms :)

 Felt wall panels from
Selina Rose makes beautiful bespoke felt surfaces and home wears. I really love this wall panel as well as her throws and cushions.

 I am in love with these cushions, I think they are absolutely amazing. I really like the thought of making flowers from felt. Im definitely going to have a go at trying to make some - although I'm sure they won't look as good as these!!

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