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Friday, 4 May 2012

Felt This Way.

We had our Felt This Way exhibition last week, which took place at The Octagon in Milsom Place in Bath. It was a great success and brilliant to see everyones work showcased together. It was really interesting seeing how everyone had used felt in so many different ways. 

This is mine and Verity's work. We were really lucky to get quite a big corner space to exhibit our work in which worked really well as we wanted to make it look like an interior space. Im really proud of our work, I think it looked amazing and very professional which is what we wanted to achieve.
 It was really nice being able to work with somebody else during this project as we usually work individually. Its been really nice having someone else's ideas involved and having someone there to help. Hopefully we will get the opportunity to work together again.
Jessica. x

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