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Monday, 14 May 2012

Stitch Stitch Stitch

This is some of my cross stitch work so far.
Ive decided I want to use the theme of words, letters and typography for this personal project. 
I am really enjoying this project so far as I really like cross stitching. Although I do like the contemporary styles there are so many ways you can experiment with it. 
I mainly want to work on my colour skills. I want my work to be contemporary,bright and fun. I am going to experiment with dissolvable canvas as well as I've never used it before and am interested in how it works!

 I also bought some sieves today because my tutor mentioned to me about experimenting sewing into different materials and to push the boundaries a bit. Usually I like my work to look neat and tidy so this will be a bit different for me. I shall give it a go though.....

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