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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Love and Peace.

 This is my collection of cross stitch work for my personal project. 
Finally finished everything and I'm really pleased with my work.
I wanted to work with letters, text and typography and also explore my colour skills. Ive really enjoyed the project and cross stitch is a medium I really enjoy working in. 
I'm really pleased with my hand painted frames, I think they work really nicely with the black background and colourful letters.
Next time I would like to experiment with different materials and different stitches to try and push it a little further.

Hand Painted Frames

 So these are the frames I bought from charity shops over the last couple of weeks. They are all relatively old looking anyway but I wanted to give them an old paint effect using white paint as its something Ive always liked and wanted to have a go at. 
I also thought it would work well with my cross stitched Victorian styled LOVE letters. 
First of all I had to sand the frames down (which was absolutely awful as I HATE HATE HATE the feel and sound of sand paper!)and then painted the roughly using a white water based paint. I then waited to let them completely dry and then sanded them down a bit more to achieve a look I was happy with.

I'm really pleased with them and think they work really well together with them all being different sizes and shapes.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


 This is my my big piece of cross stitch finished.
Its taken quite a lot of hours to sew....but so worth it (I think)
Ive finally mounted it and put it in a frame which has really added to it. 
I'm really pleased with how the colours have turned out. That was the main thing I wanted to get out of this project. I wanted to make a piece of cross stitch that was contemporary and fun. I think the colours work well and make it really bold and eye-catching. 
I'm really proud of it and hopefully everyone will like...

This is some of my cross stitch work from last summer. 
This is the first time I had ever cross stitched and found myself really getting into it. 
I wanted to use a 'love' theme, I guess because its popular and because its the kind of thing I like as a textile artist and what I would probably buy...
Its a long and time consuming process but its so worth it!!
I was really proud and pleased with how these pieces turned out and is why I have decided to go back to it again for this project.