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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Project Complete.

This is my print project complete. Over all I am really happy with how its gone and the work I have achieved. I don't usually work with print and I wanted this project to be about the exploration of colour and mark making. I also tried working with digital prints as well as creating my own prints by hand using disperse dyes, these are both really exciting mediums and is something I will definitely come back to in the future.

This is how I presented my work to be marked. I decided to hang my fabric samples onto my work space boards so people could touch them and see them up closely. I also had a longer sample so you could see how my print would look if repeated, this could be used for many products, such as scarfs. 
I had a flip folder full of my research which is something I will continue adding to. A hand made book of all my paintings, mounted photographs of my digital prints and a collection of mood boards.

These are some of my hand painted designs that I created using disperse dyes. I love these dyes as they are really easy to use. You can paint with them easily and transfer them onto fabric quickly. The colours come out really vibrant and bold.

This was one of my paintings, probably one of my favourites. I like the colours and I tried to use different brushes, thick, thin and fine to come up with this design and to add more depth. 

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