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Friday, 26 April 2013

3 Weeks And Counting....

So the end is looming pretty quickly, my graduation package came through the post just yesterday eeeeeekk!!! 
I have three weeks left until hand in and I have had a really productive 2 weeks, last week I spent my time drilling the word 'Happiness' into my beautiful piece of oak wood, luckily that went smoothly and no errors were made, as I was slightly anxious about drilling it myself as I didn't want to mess it up.
I then sanded the wood down so its all nice and smooth and ordered my twines to stitch with. I ordered these twines from they were really helpful and accommodating with my order. I purchased the Tiddler Pack which contains eight coloured twines, all 16 meters long. Just to add - its also a really lovely gift, lovely colours if your into using twines, not only in the garden but for crafts like wrapping lovely gifts etc. 
I have used these coloured twines on something else I have been working on along side the 'Happiness' which I will post just after my degree show.
This week I have been stitching all my final pieces and just finished the 'Happiness' piece today which I am really chuffed with.
Cant wait to share my pictures with you soon!

This is a photograph I took of the Tiddler Pack I purchased from and the beautiful range of colours the twines come in.

Me, busy stitching away!

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